Your Donation will Educate as long as the Sky is Blue and the Rivers Flow


formally knownas Southern Plains Museum, CulturalCenter (SPMCC)


that on May 14, 2021, Houston Endowment contacted Southern Apache Museum, affirming their dedication to assist organizations tackling the historical repercussions of inequality. They indicated their plan to designate someone to lead the project, and a few months later, we convened our initial meeting with three Houston Endowment representatives. 

​Leaders and delegates from the Southern Apache Museum (SAM), American Indian Genocide Museum (AIGM), and the American Indian Center (AIC) were present at the gathering. Over the past year, our teams have been diligently working to bring together the elements for this new center.

We have established a new 501(c)(3) entity and

decided to change the name from Southern

Plains Cultural Center to Indigenous People

Center. We are currently awaiting approval

for the new Indigenous People Center, which

now shares office space with the Southern

Apache Museum in Houston. Our plans are

in progress, and we will provide regular

updates. Check out our new website at

Your Donation 

Will Educate 

as long as

the Sky is Blue 

and the

Rivers Flow


We are grateful and proud to announce

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