Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018 


The speakers from IHS, NCUIH, and NIHB, and all involved in putting our ACA event together may wonder how the Native American Indian community received their presentations. Well, we got some great feed back and reviews! Everyone thought the event was a huge success and was greatly appreciated.

Each speaker presented the material in a way that everyone could understand. We want to tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation on Feb. 5, 2015. Your talk gave a great boost to our efforts to sign up more people to the ACA.

 On behalf of the Native American Health Coalition and the Native American Indian Community, thank you for a memorable and effective presentation and we hope you will visit Houston again.

 We would like to also acknowledge the United Way for accommodating our every needs with expediency and grace. Thank you United Way and we look forward to our next event with you.

Just wanted to add that it was stressed that if you already have insurance and are a State Recognized Tribe, you should apply for exemption. If you are State Recognized you have just a few days left, as Feb. 15, 2015 is the deadline and is just around the corner.

The video below does not mention Native American Indians, however it is very informative if you are still wondering what the Affordable Care Act is. 

Big Water People  Concert was Great!!

We want to thank all the people that made it to enjoy a day with the Great Spirit! Photos coming soon!!

​​Things You Need To Bring if Applicable if you are a Native American Indian

List of Documents Needed for Medicaid and Marketplace Enrollment

Medicaid Applicants: Bring the following documents:

• Photo identification card

• United States Birth Certificate and/or Certificate Degree of Indian Blood

• Social Security card

• Medicare card, supplemental insurance cards, other health insurance cards if applicable;

• Marriage certificate, divorce papers, or death certificate for spouse, if applicable

• Veteran discharge document for applicant and/or spouse

• Copies of all Guardianship or Power of Attorney documents

• Residency verification showing county of residence

• Documentation of the source of all income including Social Security, interest, and/or royalties

• Documentation of ALL financial resources

• Copies of prior income tax returns

• For all owned Real Property and Income-Producing Property

Health Insurance Marketplace or to File an American Indian Exemption Application: Bring the following documents:

• Member of Federally Recognized Tribe

• Certificate Degree of Indian Blood, Tribal Identification or BIA Form

• IHS Eligibility Letter if unable to provide CDIB, ID or BIA Form

• Birthdates

• Paystubs, W-2s or current Income

• Current Employer Health InsuranceType your paragraph here.

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